Yesterday's Santa Rosa Press Democrat contained an interesting article about the circumstances of Archbishop Nienstedt's residence in that diocese. Apparently, the relocation had the approval of the local bishop, as well as Archbishop Hebda.

However, as has been previously indicated, the materials released by the Ramsey County Attorneys Office include a statement indicating that the former Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis had minors in his hotel room at World Youth Day, undressed before them, and had them undress before him (Exhibit 9). This would amount to a violation of just about any Code of Conduct, and could possibly be an act of sexual abuse of a minor if the actions were for Nienstedt's gratification. Is the Church investigating this?


08/29/2016 12:35am

"Is the Church investigating this?"

Probably not. Same old, same old. It's stunning, really.

John ODonnell
09/01/2016 9:38am

Better question: are the police investigating this?

09/06/2016 8:01pm

Is John Choi investigating this? Very disappointing when officials who have a chance to mske real change, take the easy way out and risk naked boys in archbishops' quarters.. They should charge him as co-conspirator if anything else ever happens.

08/29/2016 11:52am

Exhibit 9:

- What business does a Bishop of the Church have inviting kids up to his hotel room (wet or dry) - getting naked in front of them - having them get naked in front of him ?

- What did Nienstedt do to those children in that hotel room as they waited naked in bathrobes for hours til staff returned their dried clothes ?

- How many good potential priests (seminarians) have we lost in this Archdiocese alone due to the sick-kinky-perversional lives of those 'in charge' ?

Archbishop Hebda:

- With his pardoning Nienstedt: 'a priest in good standing' -- we're No Better Off Today than we were with Nienstedt at the helm >> Cover-up continues.

Pope Francis:

- Needs to deal with this deep-seeded-age-old twisted sexual cancer in the Priesthood -- it's killing the Flock -- globally.

Seminaries >> to parishes.

[And if that means taking a good long look at himself / his experiences -- so be it.]

And if he refuses to deal with this 'filth' (Benedict XVI) head on -- that's OK:

God Will.


'Eye Of The Storm' Ryan Stevenson (radio version)

08/30/2016 8:33am

No wonder there is "shortage of priests". At least some men have the ability to recognize abuse through "obedience to your superior" and depart from the seminary.

How sad. I mean, how wildly sad is the relationship dynamics among priests and bishops? Until the church crimes, I never paid attention to the subtle words I've heard between priests about church hierarchy through obedience, manipulation, and abuse. Now, I recognize the army of unhealthy men who are referred to as priests and bishops.

Again, one shocking observation to me are the supporting church administrators who are aware of the dysfunction and abuse, but not only remain working at their church, but try to keep it secret or defend it in public. (obviously they too are subject to abuse by their church ranking superior). THANK GOD FOR THE COURAGEOUS ONES WHO STAND UP and defend Jesus Christ.

Where are the Knights of Columbus in this mess?

They are busy being obedient to their priests, following orders.

God Bless all of them.


08/30/2016 12:00pm

And where's Patty Wetterling ?

No - no more sexual violence, using kids as sex toys for priests, Bishops to get their jollies from: the weak, vulnerable, defenseless - gagging them into silence - then blessing / stroking / promoting the Brethren: 'you're in Good Standing' (i.e. 'I got your back...btw, you owe me big Deal.'). *Part of Priestly Ordination's Vow of Obedience.

This comes from God ?

The RCC has a lonnngggg way to go:

**If Priests can rape kids -- then everyone else in the Land can, too.

Let's make this 'Universal Law' - under Pope Francis.

[It already is.]


+++ Father, Mother, Saint Teresa of Calcutta -- Help us. Blast your powers from Heaven and turn this insane immorality breed by shepherds lathered in Darkness, around.

Bring your Light: protect all children from violations to their dignity and hold those in the Church accountable for what they've done / failed to do. You offer Mercy for those repenting - bring Truth, Justice, Holy Order, Consequences - as well.

We love you.



*Not insinuating Abp Hebda has pedophilic tendencies - but has no qualms protecting those who do / are.

09/03/2016 3:25pm

My deepest condolences to the Wetterlings.

I lived in St. Joseph 4 yrs (CSB).

And cried my eyes out when Jacob was abducted.

Have been praying thru the years for his return / Justice.

God keep the Wetterlings.


08/30/2016 8:12pm

I have written to Chris Smith the writer of the 'Interesting article' in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. I informed of our Minnesota perspective.
" Archbishop Nienstedt has destroyed our Archdiocese, I’m not sure we can recover and he has driven good priests out of the priesthood.
The debt the church has incurred is overwhelming and now we find him in the Beautiful Napa Valley, living the carefree life with the wealthy,
when he should be doing penance in sack cloth and ashes really helping people. He is either a sick person or he has NO conscience
What an example he has set for the thousands of people who are struggling to hold their jobs and lives and churches together.

Hundreds of other people have written to Nienstedt, the Papal Nuncio, the Pope, Bishops and any priest we thought would listen, but it truly seems that the men in the church are only interested in circling the wagons around their ‘Brothers in Christ!!!’
I also told him I'd also written to the Director of the Napa Institute to have Mr. Meyer do some research about the recently hired Archbishop.

Dear Mr. Meyer,
I'm writing because I understand you have hired our former Archbishop to work in some capacity for your organization.
He resigned in shame from Minneapolis and St. Paul and most recently was asked to leave an assignment in Michigan.
He was a mean, vindictive man hiding behind a Roman Collar and has destroyed our Archdiocese.
Please find time to do some research,and read the link I have included in this email

Archbishop Nienstedt should do penance here one earth, not basking in the luxury of the Napa Valley, He is not retired, and he is NOT a priest in good standing.

08/30/2016 10:04pm

How about a priest or priests start a reformation movement. Get out from underneath the current Diocese system and laed the laity in following Christ not the Church.

08/31/2016 9:19pm

Amen, Kathleen!

09/12/2016 10:21pm

Yes - Nienstadt definitely helped destroy an archdiocese. But, it started well before he came into power. Flynn was in power when Wehmeyer began his abuse along with McDonough and others. The travesty is that those who are the most to blame - those three mentioned - continue to be called priests in good standing. Abhorant!!

J claffey
08/31/2016 12:35am

Only those who have never sinned have the right to judge anyone. I personally think that Jeff Anderson and Jennifer Hasselberg should be worried when they meet God.

John ODonnell
09/02/2016 12:13am

I believe that some time in the future, Anderson and Hasselberg will be acknowledged as reformers of the church in the best sense of that word. Without their persistence the rot of the scandal and the coverup would continue unabated.

09/02/2016 6:13am

Hey J, you just did what you said no one has a right to do...judge. Interesting. You also are misguided and misinformed if you place Jennifer and Jeff in the same boat. However, if they were in the same boat it would be Jennifer who has gotten out and walked on the water during the "storm", like Peter, with her eyes on Jesus not the religious church. Another thought, regardless of Jeff's motivation he has brought to light the evil of many in the hierarchy and a sense of justice for the victims.

Seeking justice is way different than judging a person'should salvation or lack thereof.

09/02/2016 9:11am

But you have judged both of them to be deserving of your god's wrath. Are you sinless, or just simple?

09/02/2016 9:33am

To "J claffey".

You are in my prayers. My prayer for you is the same as it is for myself: To have the strength and courage to find the truth and defend it....even if it means standing against some people in the church.

God Bless You.

09/02/2016 9:51am

Dear J claffey

You are in my prayers.

My prayer for you is the same as it is for myself: to have the wisdom and courage to defend truth and justice no matter who stands in the way, even if it's some people within the church.

God Bless You.

08/31/2016 1:03pm

Copied from the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, 21st July 2016.
John Nienstedt, the former archbishop of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul, said accusations of sexual misconduct against him were part of a false smear campaign in response to his opposition to gay marriage.

Nienstedt’s denial came in a statement Wednesday night, first issued to KSTP and Minnesota Public Radio. That followed the release of internal church documents alleging the Vatican had sought to derail an independent investigation that turned up credible evidence against him.
Lets see who is telling fibs!

Letitia Woodhull
08/31/2016 1:19pm

The Santa Rosa diocese is by now known for its sexual deviancy of all stripes, as a brief google search will clarify. The fact that this Neinstedt of naked boys winds up there should be of no surprise to anyone. Pedophille priests and their bishop protectors- some pedophiles themselves- have been safe and sound for at least decades in Santa Rosa, under the care of Maher, Hurley, Ziemann, Walsh, and now these other ones.

Where are the Bay Area reporters on this story?

Heartfelt thanks to you, Ms. Haselberger. If only there were men of roman collars with even a portion of your courage.

Bob Schwiderski
08/31/2016 2:20pm

I wonder if AB Hebda would find the emeritus State Director of SNAP in good standing?

09/01/2016 6:15am

I think it comes down to this; the hierarchy watches out for the Church and the laity long for Christ. The first is self-centered and the second is Christ-centered. A harsh judgement? Yes, but to me is the test of priests and bishops rising up.....not happening. And please don't tell me that the Church and/or God has own judgement for those who hid the abusers, abused or did not speak out.

09/01/2016 7:55am

I don't believe the Archdiocese can recover from all that has happened. The betrayal is onot so many levels and so deep.

john mckeating
09/01/2016 9:38am

Off topic, but can anyone tell me,according to Catholic doctrine, if pedophile priests go to Hell, also if victims who kill themselves go to Hell. I know from my indoctrination in 1950's Ireland that suicide would guarantee Hell, but has it changed officially, and if so when?

09/02/2016 10:05pm

Hi John,
I do not think there is Carholic doctrine which states anything irrevocable that pedophile priests would go to hell. But there are plenty of places in the Bible which mention God's anger over shepherds who fattened themselves on the sheep they were to guide and protect (Book of Jerimiah, for one) and God's anger when David took Bathsheba and arranged to have her husband Uriah killed off in battle to hide his sin.
But whether sins by priests or suffering people who take their own lives, and forget God gave them life and numbers their days, we can look to the crucifixion of Jesus and the two criminals crucified alongside him. One of those acknowledges his sin and asked Jesus to bring him into heaven. Jesus assures him that he will. At death, we come face to face with Jesus and see him and know him fully. (Paul, speaking to the Corinthians says we know now "in part" but we will know things fully when we come face to face with Jesus at death.) so I think 'right theology' is that everyone has that moment when they know fully, when face to face with Jesus, to ask for forgiveness and fully say 'yes' to Jesus. Can pedophile priests be forgiven? I suspect so but remember that Jesus also said ' woe to those ' who prevent the children from coming to him as it would be better if a milestone were tied around their necks than for them on the day of judgement.
Pray for those who took their own life while overwhelmed by deep depression. Pray also for those who were so far from God that they fed themselves with God's little ones whom they were to shepherd. Fair as the end o f the book of James says, love covers over a multitude of sins.

Gene Esius
09/06/2016 10:15am

Those who die in unrepentant mortal sin go to hell. In order for a sin to be mortal, the sin must be grave and the person committing it must have full knowledge of what they are doing and full consent. Often suicide involved depression or some mental illness, which impairs consent and this it is not a guarantee that the sin is mortal. We trust in God's mercy.

09/06/2016 7:34pm

I am no RCCdoctrine expert but I know they take a vow of obedience to their "superiors" so if Fr SoAndSo itches, he asks Abp Hebda, who asks the nuncio, who relays this to the cardinal, who asks the pope is SoAndSo can scratch... and of course the kind Pope agrees that it is ok.. so SoAnSo gets the message and scratches. Which in a nutshell is why the RCCis a criminal enterprise - RICO- no one gets moved parish to parish without the big man's approval...

Tony de New York
09/01/2016 2:49pm

Its painful to me to see that bishops still DONT get it!

09/02/2016 6:15pm

Since the pope won't fire these priests and bishops it is up to parishes in the St. Paul Minneapolis diocese to refuse to pay for the diocese's sins.

Gene Esius
09/06/2016 10:10am

"the relocation had the approval of the local bishop, as well as Archbishop Hebda."

It is NOT implied from the article that it has +Hebda's approval - Hebda notified the local bishop. That's all that it says.

Gene Esius
09/06/2016 10:13am

Oops, my mistake, didn't read the whole article.

molly malone
09/13/2016 3:31pm

per the article in the Santa Rosa Democrat: on August 27 - as printed-

"Vasa said Archbishop Hebda in Minneapolis told him Nienstedt is “a priest in good standing.”

09/07/2016 8:14am

Since he has "relocated" to Napa Valley, has our archdiocese been relieved of any and all financial support/payment of benefits or compensation whatsoever? Who would have this information?

09/07/2016 9:00pm

Ok Jennifer, where is Laird? Isn't he responsible for some of this mess? He wanted Neinstedt to leave hoping to be bishop, right?

09/08/2016 10:08am

Does Nienstedt continue to be financially supported by the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Mpls? If so, to what extent - specifically how much???

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