Below, please find a copy of my statement on today's announcement, as well as Archbishop Hebda's letter to priests.


07/20/2016 7:14pm

No repurcussions for the rape of children - "we promise it won't happen again". Choi must be very grateful for his Catholic schooling - my kids went public and they know better... This is a public disgrace. Criminal charges with a wink and a nod...

08/17/2016 6:06am

So typical of the Roma Church.

07/20/2016 7:44pm

Am I the only one who is having difficulty viewing these documents?

07/20/2016 8:22pm

I'm confused,! I really don't understand.
Does nothing happen to Nienstedt or or McDonough, to any of the priests or Bishops who could not remember anything, and basically covered for their 'Brothers in Christ'????
No earthly consequences.?
Why would anyone stay with the Catholic Church?

08/17/2016 6:05am

I haven't!

07/21/2016 7:59am

Hebda's words were nice and the clear admissions of wrongdoing were long overdue. Moving forward, he might have a little more credibility if he apologized to the whistleblower and offered to re-hire her. Until that step is taken, the expressions of humility and regret are hollow.

07/21/2016 8:19am

So, when will Nienstedt, Piche, Flynn, McDonough and Laird be making their public apologies to the victims and their family in this case, as well as to the people of the archdiocese for all of their lies, cover-ups and deceit??? That's fine for Hebda to be present at some restorative justice meeting, but he's not the person(s) who really needs to be at the table. Just another fine example of no one being held accountable for their actions in this local archdiocese!

Tom Murray
07/21/2016 1:48pm

Right about this time three years ago the President of Totino-Grace (TG) "voluntarily" resigned after admitting to involvement in a committed 18 year relationship with another man. Shortly thereafter another valued (TG) teacher of 18 years was fired after announcing to TG staff: “I’m gay, I’m in a relationship with a woman, and I’m happy.” I wrote, called and visited TG administrators who told me they were under pressure from the Archdiocese to fire these staff. At the time I argued that the Archdiocese itself was awash in a myriad of clerical misconduct and coverup charges and had no business persecuting good and valued staff at TG. I called and wrote Archdiocese staff who either ignored or lied about their knowledge of a Greene Espel Report which was documenting the Archbishop's sordid behavior. I called and wrote the Papal Nuncio in Washington D.C. who refused to even acknowledge my correspondences. I also wrote to the Pope, who also ignored my concerns about this situation. Yesterday (Wednesday, 21) Ramsey County prosecutors settled on one of the ongoing sex abuse charges. Documents were released that give us an idea of what was happening behind the scenes at the Archdiocese at the time they were persecuting gays in the Twin Cities: As a lifelong Catholic this process has taught me that there is absolutely no accountability or transparency at any level of the Church hierarchy. I'm extremely disappointed in the current Archbishop who continues this "go along to get along" philosophy. I've joined the chorus of angry Catholics who believe our only hope is a complete and total bankruptcy that forces the Catholic Church to start completely over again, with a structure that welcomes women and gays at all levels of leadership, and recognizes the rights of gays and clergy to be married. We'll know we're on the right track when the Pope is a lesbian...and married.

T Russell
07/22/2016 12:42am

Right on about the duplicity,injustice, and even hypocrisy in this Church. And it's my opinion and experience that it is thriving at all levels of the Church here and abroad. Real change will have to include the changes you seek. I think it is going to take some time I wish I didn't believe.

Former Catholic
07/21/2016 3:21pm

Well, as Father McDonough is laughing, rubbing his hands together and saying "They'll never pin anything on me" He was right, it did not happen. That is very sad. How he can continue to stand in front of the parish people, while moving pedophiles from parish to parish raping children, I will never understand. I pray that Jennifer will be rehired and be able to do the very special and needed work that she has done and continues to do.

Jennifer, we are proud and thankful for all of your very, very hard work. Thank you.

08/13/2016 1:29pm

Dear "Former",

I am a convert of 8 years now. It is interesting that the Church teaches a person may leave the Church to find Christ. I hope that is your experience. I understand leaving, truly, but I am staying for several reasons. First, the celebration of the Eucharistic is about Jesus not any priest whether good or evil. Also, to speak against the silence of good priests and the need for reform. Finally, I trust in the work of the Holy Spirit to to His work to change the focus from being "Church" followers to being Christ followers.

I do not expect you or any others to who have left, for your right desires to be faithful to Christ, to return. I say "God bless you truly. For me, I am home and need to figure out how to help Church people be alive in Christ despite the corruption.

May Christ's peace and mercy be yours!

07/21/2016 10:30pm

Nienstedt needs to get his head out of the clouds - plant his feet firmly on the ground.

And walk straight.

His continued statements denying who he is / what he's done - are outrageous.

For those inclined - please pray for his Salvation - dangerously close to the Furnace.

An Archbishop.



Eileen Quinn
07/21/2016 11:13pm

The two paragraph 'Response to the release of documents' by Joe Dixon on the Archdiocese website sums up this four year horror story...move along folks, nothing to see here.

07/22/2016 10:04am

I see nothing below. Where is the statement?

07/23/2016 5:57am

The prosecutor's decision, while legally understandable is morally and ethically indefensible. Jennifer Haselberger is one of the only ones, if not the only one, who did all the right things for all the right reasons in this entire ordeal and the Catholic Community owes her a huge debt of gratitude. Her unswerving commitment to the truth and her stalwart faith shined Light in the darkness of the clerical culture of the Catholic Church. It is only a steadfast commitment to truth that can overcome evil. Thanks be to God for an sending an angel of compassion to stand with the victims of this horror at great personal and professional cost.

07/25/2016 9:59pm

This is so disheartening as someone who was told to not acknowledge that

This is so Disheartening as a staff person who was aware that we were not in line for an assistant pastor and over night

Adamson was present in our parish and not allowed to have him interact with any of our youth. Tell me that his history was not known?!? Really??? We are not stupid!!!! He abused two of the youth that were in the programs at Risen Savior and how many times does it need to be said that Roach and Carolson knew the truth of his path and abuse and denied knowing. They were living to the Faithdul and then telling the faithful to go to confession! Excuse Me ????
The cover up is criminal!!!!!!! They need to be behind bars. Sure Roach is dead but Carlson is not!!!!! And Roach gave in to alcohol! Not a secret and surely he had reasons to Deny Reality!!! It is disfusting to say the least. The reality is that it is criminal!!! And Neinstedt is so guilty. Let's get real and honest and have him in prison!

07/30/2016 10:53am

Isn't Laird getting married out in Colorado? It is STUPID that priests are not allowed, let alone be encouraged, to be married.

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    Jennifer Haselberger is a canon lawyer who served as the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis until April of 2013, when she resigned in protest of the Archdiocese's handling of sexual misconduct by clergy.

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