Someone recently sent me a link to the current (January 2016) newsletter of the Pontifical North American College in Rome, and drew my attention to page 4, where the members of the Board of Governors of the seminary are listed. Those of you who follow the link will see that the Vice Chairman is the Emeritus Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Archbishop John C. Nienstedt.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I did not find this information anywhere else on the PNAC website.

I wish I could say I was surprised.



06/07/2016 12:00pm

He and Bernie Law can bask in their honorary appointments (of shame) together in the RCC capital. Also presumably outside of the reach of one very tardy John Choi - I know Bernie Law had expressed surprise that as a "prince of Rome" he had diplomatic immunity.. Won't help him in hell though...

T Russell
06/07/2016 12:21pm

I wish I could say I was surprised as well.

I must add, however, that even though I suspected the Church would find things for the Archbully to do (he hasn't been defrocked or restricted) because God only knows what he is capable of doing if left bored and with too much idle free time. I still, though, find it incredulous that the Archbully is given a seat on the board of this very significant seminary despite the very serious allegations and reports of abusive behavior when he was in charge of other seminarians and priests.

Also, we still haven't seen any transparency regarding the findings of the expensive investigation into those allegations either. Nothing.

We see again folks, continuing cover ups and steadfast loyalty to their own within our clergy and hierarchy. No respect for the laity, or anyone else for that matter, and now obviously the seminarians and staff at the Pontifical North American Seminary.

Although, unfortunately, I strongly suspect that many of the gents studying there are perhaps into the types of power plays and games which the Archbully likes to indulge in anyhow (you know folks, playful dalliances which lead to higher status within the club by doing...ahem...favors...) but as for the rest of these studious "servants" of the Church studying mightily so that their days of actual pastoral service will be minimal and their careers rapidly rising: Keep your pretty little robes wrapped tightly around your pasta filled bellies men. And above all, when not needed, keep your mouths shut!

Gene Esius
06/08/2016 9:42am

"No respect for the laity, or anyone else for that matter, and now obviously the seminarians and staff at the Pontifical North American Seminary. "

What makes you think they have any choice in the matter? What are they supposed to do?

T Russell
06/08/2016 12:57pm

My point is that there is no respect for the students and faculty of the PNAC by allowing a man with Nienstedt's reputation and history to sit in it's board of Governors. The Church is showing these folks no respect as well.

Gene Esius
06/10/2016 9:19am

Apologies, I thought you were saying you had no respect for them.

I concur, it is unfair for the PNAC to do this to them.

06/07/2016 12:26pm

At least he isn't in another diocese. Has he relocated to

Gene Esius
06/10/2016 9:20am

When last I saw, he was in Michigan. Fox did a news report on him and found him on his morning walk and shoved a camera in his face.

06/07/2016 3:12pm

I have no words...none at all.

barely catholic
06/07/2016 3:31pm

Nothing will change unless/until the Pope is firm and clear on getting the pedophiles and bishops who support them are put out of the church. I continue to be astounded by what doesn't happen.

Eileen quinn
06/07/2016 7:13pm

Wow! New punishments for miscreant bishops in place. No more big basilicas in Rome, just lowly mentoring jobs for new seminarians. Creepy considering those unresolved accusations still out there.

06/07/2016 10:08pm

What are we supposed to do? The source and summit of our faith is the Eucharistic. Do we walk away, refusing the healing of our souls in the Eucharistic?
We need our Pastors to stand and say enough! They need to lead the faithful.
I know, I'm a dreamer.

06/08/2016 11:38pm

Besides Mike Tegeder (who is now battling cancer), there isn't another priest in this archdiocese who will stand up PUBLICLY and denounce the wrongdoing by the leadership past and present. They are too busy worrying about their own reputations and besides, they've each taken a vow of obedience to their bishop, so they're not about to go against them. I think that most archdiocesan priests believe that it'll all go away if they just don't acknowledge it...there isn't one of them who is courageous enough to call a bishop out to take responsibility for what they've done.

06/08/2016 5:44am

And the number 1 is Myers from Newark,another of dubious morality:

I think an email to this place,questioning the two appointments,is in order. Anyone else want to do the same?

Carm Greene
06/09/2016 7:39am

Only for Jesus Christ, the Beloved Man from Nazareth, and his simple and clear teachings in the Gospels -- I would have taken a hike long ago. It is hard, very hard, to take these 'revelations' in one's stride -- especially when they consider themselves 'princes' of the Church! I find that absolutely hilarious, and am reminded of Jesus and His simple robe and sandals, who didn't know anything about gold cuff-links, expensive watches and shoes, French shirts, not to mention very expensive vestments and so-called accoutrements. I forgot the 'palaces' that most of these 'princes' live in. I could go on and on. The RCC was a great place to raise one's stature to that of a 'prince'. God between us and all harm, as they used to say in Ireland long ago!

Michael W Cooper
06/09/2016 9:02pm

Maybe the seminarians and administration of the North American are happy to have him--someone more like them, a prince not a shepherd. I heard from a clerical/episcopal source that nearly 80% of the seminarians there "hate" Francis. Pretty sad.

An Archdiocesan seminarian
06/10/2016 10:45pm

At least for the ones from this Archdiocese that is not the case. The two men being sent over this fall are most certainly not "Francis-haters", I've known them for a couple years.

Others? I dunno.

Eileen quinn
06/14/2016 6:06am

I am an old lady with an iPad and was not able to open the newsletter until this AM. There are 2 names under past college rectors and 6 names on the board that have in some way been connected with the cover up of abuse of others. These are only the names I remember from bishop accountability site. I did not look up the others.
These are the men giving guidance to new priests? These men are the examples new priests have to follow?
Nothing will ever change in this story.

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