Below is a redacted copy of the letter sent by Archbishop Nienstedt to the victim/survivor featured in today's Fox 9 news story:


05/05/2016 10:00am

Excellent work.

And continued prayers for John Choi's team.

Scrub this case; fine tooth comb.

No stone left unturned.



05/05/2016 1:52pm

I continue to be angry, that the former Archbishop lacks any compassion, how can he sleep!! He still assumes that whatever he says "Sets the record straight" and his cousin's anger is misplaced, "what happened to his cousin was' FRIENDSHIP and he is trying to sensationalize all of this."
Neinstadt continues to intentionally obfuscate EVERY situation. The deceit he perpetuates has destroyed our Archdiocese. In my lifetime there will never be ANY TRUST in this Archdiocese,
I respect the efforts of Archbishop Hebda but after all of the dealings of at least the last 3 archbishops have come to light, I still feel that the diocese is still circling the wagons and they are not willing to believe the truths that you have brought to light. If not for the courage you have shown, we would still be in a black hole of evil that has been covered up for years.Thank you Jennifer


05/05/2016 6:49pm

Not exactly a warm, loving letter between cousins, but exactly what I would expect from Pompous John.... Sadly if the offender was removed from the priesthood six years ago, there had to be public accusations when this letter was written in 2007. More denial.... Hopefully it can be used against the Pompous one as a repeated pattern of denying covering up illegal, immoral, unethical, unthinkable atrocities against children. To this courageous victim, I am truly sorry!

George V Fornero
05/05/2016 7:53pm

Is there a copy of the email that Nienstedt sent to Fox News?

05/05/2016 8:41pm

So nienstedt allegedly pimped out his relatives to his "brethren in christ" - oath of obedience idiot - protect the "church" - avoid rcc controversy - OBEY YOUR SUPERIORS.. organized crime!!!! WHY OH WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US JOHN CHOI?

05/05/2016 9:00pm

We haven't heard from you in a while - I worry about you- any corporation that can so systematically and intentionally abuse children.. seems there would be no limit to what they'd do to protect that "right". I hope you are CNC (conceal and carry) this is big biz you have taken on.. bravo! be careful.

05/05/2016 9:23pm

I so totally agree with Kathleen and Patty. The archdiocese continues to cover and protect the predators and not the victims. There are so many that ought to be legally charged as they are doing out east. They have lied and covered up for years. I know as a parish hired professional that they knew about the history of Adamson and kept moving him and he was in our parish and we were not up for a. Assistant. Over night he appears and the pastor tells me the youth and young adult director to talk to him before asking Adamsonto do anything with my age group. How odd is that. Don't tell me that even he didn't know?! Two of my youth were molested by Adamson and how many more ? This is so sinful and makes sense that people leave the church. But they don't leave their faith in God.

Margaret Fagan
05/07/2016 6:53pm

While the facts about the probable sex life of the not-quite-gone-or-forgotten archbishop are still being kept from the light, there is nevertheless enough suspicion to make one wonder if he knew about the proclivities of his friend, making it even more despicable that he would bring him into the home of his young cousin and introduce him.

T. Russell
05/06/2016 1:44pm


We all know that our former Archbully is a narcissistic megalomaniac. Perhaps he is a sociopath as well.

As I have stated before, beyond the nightmare and disaster of this sick and hypocritical man, there remains a far larger clerical class in our Church that shamefully represses their sexuality producing frustrated, fearful and secretive men. This way of dealing with homosexuality a result of a noted history of homophobia, and fear regarding the same, much of which being created and enforced by these very same self loathing men. We, therefore, continue to have a priesthood filled with duplicitous men who hide in these enforced clerical closets in order to survive and "thrive" at the Church's expense. Some, but definitely not all, of these guys become even more sick and act out sexually in criminal and immoral ways.

Note that nothing has changed at all in this institution regarding this reality. I believe this institution will continue to produce various versions of the closeted, dangerous and dysfunctional Archbully if we do not face head on the Church's strange policy regarding homosexuality while all along having a substantial number of homosexual clerics within its ranks. This is a strange reality obviously but one that needs deep examination! Our former Archbully being the example par excellence of this sick phenomenon in our Church. Also, it seems to me that the rest of the world is more fully aware of this realty than most ordinary Catholics. Think about that folks.

We need real change, and frank discussions, about healthy sexual development in the priesthood. This must include allowing homosexuals in the priesthood to be free and honest. All of us, including men choosing to live in their clerical closets, will need to be involved here for this culture to change.

Integrity, and safety, depend on this change folks.

05/07/2016 12:54pm

For something that is marked Personal, it sounds like a lawyer wrote it. The most impersonal letter I ever read.

05/12/2016 4:54pm

Totally agree.

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    Jennifer Haselberger is a canon lawyer who served as the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis until April of 2013, when she resigned in protest of the Archdiocese's handling of sexual misconduct by clergy.

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