Mid-February, the attached email was sent to parish representatives by the attorney representing the parish group. I received it via a circuitous route which I will not outline here. My reason for posting it is because it provides the clearest demonstration of the attitude with which the recently announced settlement has been received, as well as an important heads up regarding what to expect as the civil window opened by the Minnesota Child Victims Act expires. See the highlighted text below.


02/22/2016 6:40pm

I cannot believe that the Archdiocese is asking each parish for an additional $500 for Attorney retainer fees. Good God, you got buildings full of assets that can be sold off. Sell the pots and pans from the Archbishops apartment. Do they have any cars? Computers? End tables or lamps? How abut the monogrammed bathroom towels? There must be some religious artifacts, paintings, artwork that can be sold? How about the riding lawnmower? Hold a garage sale. People are always looking for souvenirs..

02/23/2016 4:55am

The document evidences truly sincere compassion for the victims and a deep penitential, contrite spirit for all the clerical abuse of children and all the episcopal cover-up. Where is the insight into their crimes? Where is the firm purpose of amendment. Shameful! Has the entire archdiocese lost its soul?! How can the parishes allow this approach to be taken on their behalf?! Evil upon evil, upon evil.

02/25/2016 10:24am

It's easy to see the callous attitude of church leaders from this letter.

Hebda appears to be serving the business of church by leveraging his legal background and through his attorneys as shown by this letter.

My response to the Catholic Services Appeal is one way to express my disappointment in Hebda's style and repeated questionable (really poor) church choices. But I find that simply talking to parishioners around Minnesota seems to resonate too.

What could possibly be next for the church? Going to war with Girl Scouts and their cookies?

Blessings to you, -Dan

Phlo Gray
02/27/2016 6:04pm

If the diocese wanted wanted all the parishes to implament the agreement they could. BUT THEY DON'T. They have ablity to force church doctine, but not something to protect children?

Dave Porter
02/27/2016 9:45pm

The writer specializes in bankruptcy law.
Meanwhile, I will never forget attending a concert at the Basilica last winter and marveling at all the gold foil over the Archbishop's throne next to the altar while looking at the stack of envelopes at the end of each pew. The envelopes were printed with the plea, "Third Offering for Winter Heating of the Basilica."
I retain my respect for the faith and the faithful, but I can only shake my head at the administration.

02/28/2016 5:32pm

You are misunderstanding this letter - it is not from the Archdiocese. It is from the attorney who is representing the parishes in the bankruptcy proceedings and also for abuse claims against the individual parishes - maybe one you are members of.

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    Jennifer Haselberger is a canon lawyer who served as the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis until April of 2013, when she resigned in protest of the Archdiocese's handling of sexual misconduct by clergy.

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