Less than two months after the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis gave nearly a dozen staff members thirty minutes to pack up and depart- terminating their employment in an effort to balance the budget- and with the prospect of a bankruptcy filing looming, the Archdiocese announced in its January 2, 2015 'Update' the hiring of another employee for the Office of Child and Youth Protection. 

According to the 'Update', 

The Office for the Protection of Children and Youth Welcomes Michael Fulcher

Mike Fulcher will be joining the OPCY staff on January 5, 2015 as the new OPCY Coordinator.  Mike recently moved from Ohio to the Twin Cities to be closer to family, and to work for the local Church in this important role.

The Archdiocesan website does not currently list an employee with the title of 'OPCY Coordinator', so we have to assume that this a new position.




01/02/2015 5:18pm

The Archdiocese website also contains a posting with intent to hire for the position of Director of Communications. Perhaps the hiring freeze was lifted after dismissing so many lay staff. But after cutting people's jobs and then hiring Wold and another law firm, I will not be contributing further but will let them "go their own way".

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    Jennifer Haselberger is a canon lawyer who served as the Chancellor for Canonical Affairs in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis until April of 2013, when she resigned in protest of the Archdiocese's handling of sexual misconduct by clergy.

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